Granting a power of attorney to care for a child to the third person

Granting a power of attorney to care for a child to the third person. Parental responsibility is such a specific set of rights and obligations that we cannot freely transfer them to another person, the Court decides about this issue. In the situation described above, the law provides for the suspension of parental authority. Pursuant Read more about Granting a power of attorney to care for a child to the third person[…]

The amount of child support

The amount of child support. Particularly interesting is the issue of financial obligations, which reduce the financial capacity of the obligated parent and should be taken into account. Similar conclusions were reached by the Court of Appeal in Katowice, which in the justification of the judgment of 17 December 2015, file ref. act I Aca Read more about The amount of child support[…]

Duty of fidelity during divorce

Duty of fidelity during divorce. Divorce cases take longer and longer, in the case of adjudication of guilt, lack of compliance with regard to the whereabouts of common minor children, parental authority and contacts, the average case lasts about 2 years. It happens that during this time the spouses decide to establish new emotional and Read more about Duty of fidelity during divorce[…]

Alimony for a spouse

Alimony for a spouse. Many people who decide to file for divorce fear that they will be obliged to support the other spouse. Such a situation may indeed take place, and the decisive factor is to determine who is to blame for the breakdown of the marriage. If it is established that the other spouse Read more about Alimony for a spouse[…]

Obligation to redress the damage

Obligation to redress the damage. Although, in practice, car accident victims decide to seek compensation and redress through a civil lawsuit, directly from the insurer, it may happen that they will also demand money from the perpetrator of the accident in the course of criminal court proceedings. The perpetrators of accidents are most often convinced Read more about Obligation to redress the damage[…]